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Omladinska i studentska zadruga Bulevar iz Beograda traži omladince, studente za posao:


*Marketing trainee = full time position; usually first job (not an internship) in Belgrade

What will you do?

As a Marketing trainee, you will have the following tasks:

  • proposal and implementation of promotional plan and trade marketing plan for products;

  • helping in new product launches and maintaining growth on pillar products;

  • contribution to the growth of a brand on market;

  • participation in product budget and ensuring sales forecast accuracy;

  • and giving recommendations to management;

  • (sales, logistics, finance) to support marketing objectives

What are we looking for?

  • You have recently finished faculty or you are currently finishing it

  • Maximum 1 year of experience , preferably in marketing

  • Advanced analytical skills and Excel knowledge

  • Fluency in English

  • Native Serbian speaker

  • to challenge methods of working and proposing his/her ideas for development of existing methods

  • Person which will work with transparency, with integrity and with respect for others; and which is motivated for professional development

What are we offering to you?

  • Ability to work and learn from many professionals in working environment where ideas of every gender and every age is highly valued

  • Very dynamic and challenging atmosphere where every day looks different

  • and help of the team that will integrate you in the business and with colleagues

  • from which you will gain many various professional skills

  • through giving you many different tasks that you will have to handle to give you wide range of knowledge

Detaljnije pogledajte na:

Omladinska Zadruga Bulevar

Poslovnica 2 - Knjeginje Zorke 5 11000 Beograd -Srbija, Savski Venac

radno vreme:

pon-pet 8-17 čas

sub 8-12 čas

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Subotom: 08-12h

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