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  The Boulevard Youth Cooperative has a wide range of jobs for students and unemployed people. Job listings are for Belgrade, Novi Sad, Nis, Kragujevac and other big cities in Serbia. Jobs through a youth cooperative range from manual and physical jobs to highly intellectual jobs. For the needs of the employer from Belgrade we are looking for workers in the workplace:






Location: Belgrade - Terazije

Working Hours:  5PM – 1:00AM (Monday-Friday)


Job Description  - work position   Project manager

Coordinate Data Center Technicians workload, be voice of DC Tech in dealing with Network, Sales and other teams.


Work together with Camera Security people to make sure DC Tech people work 8 hours and have only scheduled breaks.

Work together with Network people to plan a work day for DC tech.

For example, if Network guys need to move servers or disconnect servers or connect new, this activities must be prioritized and less priority activities like cleaning miners or DC, can wait.


Manage DC Supplies like Acid for cleaning, cleaning materials, ....

Manage DC inventory like Power Cables, PDU Breakers, Ethernet Cables .....

Deal with daily DC duties, issues, and so on.





Microsoft Office expert

PMP or CAPM certification

Technical Bachelor degree

Travel: up to 50%



If you are interested, please sign up for phone numbers:

011 / 344-3381

060 / 6000-290



Youth Cooperative Boulevard

Branch Office 1 - Birčaninova 42

11000 Belgrade-Serbia, Vracar


work hour:

Mon-Fri 8 am-5pm

Sat 8-12pm.


Applications and CVs can be sent to the email address:

indicating which job you are applying for.


Candidates can apply to the BULEVAR Youth Cooperative in person or by email.


More about job offers at


You are not a member of the Boulevard Youth Cooperative. Enroll here, documentation required.



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